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Emerald Hills

M. Fethullah Gulen

2016-01-01 00:00:00

It is the high season to view the spectacle of the earth,
As spring has leaned upon emerald hills.
Mirth in all villages, feasts everywhere,
Magic spices incensing the air…

Life springs from streaming waters,
Melodies rise from swans,
And rivers wishing a reunion,
Warble from mountains towards seas…

Everywhere is opalescent like artful carpets,
The harmony phantasmic
Languid mornings enjoy the freedom of blue.
As valleys, highlands and golden brooks,
Compete with Paradise in dreams.

Coy trees rise their heads to the heaven,
Sounding the melodies “Hu, Hu” at their highest tone;
A specific tune of prayer is heard every other moment,

Water and soil are knit together by life,
Leaves flash smiles on flowers;

This wheel of life rotates within a joy
Dimples are seen along the lovesick horizons.

Here where love and enthusiasm seethe,
Souls sail to reunion bit by bit;

Within every desire a different joy is felt,
By those who sense the divine truth in conscience every moment.

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