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Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
The Fountain


Home is special for everyone. For many, it is where they were born and raised. For others it is where they earn their living. For yet others it is a combination of both. Many emigrate to other lands i... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Our World and Its Inherently Exquisite Mystery

Despite blurred realities, many fair-minded thinkers still regard our “world” as a center of attraction. Personally, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this “world,” with its four seasons, ni... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Hamza Aydin

Dynamic Programs in Cells

The molecular and genetic diversity in the environmental adaptation mechanisms found in the cells of living beings establishes the ground for fundamental changes in our knowledge about the cell and th... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Bayram Yenikaya

Dawkins' Delusion

Many articles and books have been published to refute Dawkins’ opinions, but most of them focus merely on defending the author’s own religion or sect of religion. I would like to take a different appr... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Hakan Yesilova

Social Reform and Fethullah Gulen: the Cairo Perspective

In Egypt the impression of Turkey in recent times has been shaped by the fantastic goal the soccer player Hasan sas scored against Brazil in the 2002 World Cup. “Yavas yavas Hasan sas” is the first th... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Murat Yukseldi


Maria Rosa Menocal (2002) argues that Al-Andalus (711–1492) was a “utopian-like” society in which Jews and Muslims lived side by side in peace and cooperation in what is now Spain. This view has been... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Jon Schuck

The Heart of a Child

Caught in a child’s hand,the seashell becomes treasure,a catalyst of daydreams. Tuneshummed by innocence reachthe seagull nearby who gives upflight to breathe in this fresh air.An air that only they ... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Abdullah Bin Mubarak

An Epic from the Epoch of Qur'an and Epical Deeds

I was on my journey to Hajj. Travelling through the lands of Iraq and Syria, I came across an old woman all on her own. I greeted her and she answered me with the verse, “Peace! is the word from the L... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
O. Faruk Gulduren

Steadiness in the Language of Mathematics

Many people think that walking two meters is easy, as the interval between the start and the finish is so small. Anyone who can walk half a meter with every step can cover this distance in four steps,... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Dr. Musa Saracoglu

Ebru or Water Marbling

After the “Sacred Word” was expressed in writing, it met with the refined taste in art. As a result of this meeting, some arts such as ebru, tezhip or illumination, and binding came into being. Reachi... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen


Muraqaba has been defined as watching, supervising, controlling, and living in the consciousness of being controlled (by God). Sufis take this further, by defining it as setting one’s heart solely on ... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Fatih Harpci

Honoring Our Parents

Our parents are the people who provide the most care for us in this world. Unfortunately, most of us often fail to show them the respect they deserve. There are many days set aside in societies to hon... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Cendel Tuna


Every day we boil water in our homes for tea, cooking and various other reasons, and during the summer months we usually ensure that there is a constant supply of cold water in the fridge. While some ... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Ali Sebetci

The Islamic Conceptualization of the Sciences

We believe it is not emphasized today as much as it should be that traditional conceptualizations of sciences, whether Islamic or not, were very different from the way modern sciences are currently co... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Ahmet Cetinkaya


Maryam, or Mary, is the only woman mentioned by name in the Holy Qur’an. She is mentioned in twelve chapters of the Qur’an, a total of thirty-four times. But even more important than the number of tim... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Sebnem Unlu

Physiological Prevention of Cancer

The fine balance and order seen in living beings provides us with clues and directions as to which behavior is most appropriate. Socially acceptable behavior may differ from one culture to another; ho... read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Jeannette Okur

Schooling Islam

Moroccan preschoolers acquiring the basics of reading, writing and Qur’an memorization in state-funded kuttabs… Turkish high school students meeting with mentors in private homes after school to prep read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Irfan Yilmaz

It's me Peter, your Skin!

Peter! For some time now you have been hearing from the organs in your body who have been telling you about themselves, their importance, and about how miraculously they have been created. However, t read more..

Issue 72 (November - December 2009)
Hikmet Isik

Desire To Retreat

This transient material world attracts us greatly with the kind of life it imposes upon us, the many opportunities it presents, and its overwhelming daily engagements. As a reaction to these attractio... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
The Fountain

Need For a Bit More Quiet Lament

In the face of so many things happening around us, we have two options: either to ignore them, or to take action. Nevertheless, taking action does not always entail outward mobilization. A prophetic t... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Cries of Silence

For many years now, cries of silence have clamored above my voice. So many times have I been frustrated to the point that I was going to condemn the tyranny, spit in the face of the tyrant, answer bac... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Ali Kemal Unver

Mathematics and the Universe

People have very different attitudes to mathematics. While some love it, some find it very difficult and some even hate it. Even though it is true that mathematics is built on an axiomatic foundation,... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Hamdi Sener

The Amazing Story of Hearing

He has granted you from all that you ask Him. Were you to attempt to count God's blessings, you could not compute them. But for sure, humankind is much prone to wrongdoing (sins and errors of judgment... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Erdal Budak

How Lungfish are Protected from the Sun

Water means purity, beauty, and life; it would be unrealistic to talk about life if water did not exist. Though it is widely known that water is a colorless and odorless substance with no taste, the e... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Taufik Mohammad

Coping with Life's Problems: Western and Islamic Perspectives

God burdens no soul except within its capacity… (Al-Baqarah, 2:286)This verse is not strange to any Muslim. God has promised that He will never burden a person with difficulties beyond his or her cap... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Yasin Ceran

Need a Third Eye?

“For he who has but one tool, the hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.”Since the time of Copernicus, natural philosophers have commonly assumed there is a real, physical world that exists prior ... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Ahmet Cetinkaya

Did Jesus Have Brothers or Sisters?

The pregnancy of Mary, the greatest example of purity, was a miracle of God and a wonder of divine creation, and the birth of Jesus, peace be upon him, was the result of this miraculous command. The Q... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
J. D. Mcclatchy

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen

'Ibada, 'Ubudiya, and 'Ubuda (Worship, Servanthood, and Deep Devotion)

‘Ibada, ‘Ubudiya, and ‘Ubuda (Worship, Servanthood, and Deep Devotion)Although some view worship, servanthood, and devotion as synonymous, most Sufi scholars and masters say that these words have diff... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Kaptan Murat Celebi

The Tale of a Photon

I do not know where I should start to explain my life story. Perhaps the best way is to start from the time I was brought to this life. I am a particle of light, a photon. The place I was created was ... read more..

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