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Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
The Fountain

Being the White Crow

Being The White CrowAbandoned. Pushed away. Cornered. All alone. Betrayed. Away from home… these are very familiar human feelings, things we've all experienced at various points in our lives. The most... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Forlorn Ones

"You are a forlorn one in this world Ergo laugh not but cry o heart!" (Yunus Emre)Forlorn ones are only a few; a few heroes of the heart, and unknown holy ones. A forlorn person is one who sighs and g read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Eren Tatari - Yamina Mermer

The Philosophy of Science

Science deals with descriptions of phenomena;, it does not deal with the explanation of matters beyond. Explanation is the realm of metaphysics and is known as the “philosophy of science.”How we expla... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Abdullah Acar

Recyling Cellular Trash: A Micro-level Fasting Phenomenon

Recycling in the cell (autophagy) is important to generate energy and to produce new cellular units. What is interesting, though, is that autophagy is primarily activated via fasting.With all of its f... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Erdogan Karakaya

Illness: Friend or Foe?

How the "Remedies for the Sick" Make a Change in Life PossibleLife, illness, and death are basic human conditions. But at the same time, it is a very individual decision which specific meaning you asc... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Omer Arifagaoglu

When To Eat Fruits?

One of the requirements for maintaining life is the balanced consumption of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates (saccharides) are commonly known as sugars. A sugar is a monosaccharide i... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Brenda Elizabeth Pletcher

Birds of a Feather: Ibn 'Arabi's Mystical Grounding for Interreligious Dialogue

Mysticism is at the heart of dialogue among religions. Brother Steindle-Rast states, "Never before in history is it more urgent for all of us to learn the language of the mystics than in our time, whe... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Pinar Celik

Miraculous Migration of Monarch Butterflies

Many birds, such as white storks and swallows, have been known to migrate, each year, from one region of the earth to another. Aside from birds, there are also mammals, reptiles, fish, and even butter... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Mustafa Veysi Nural

Planet Without Laughter

Though we cannot see humor, like faith, we perceive it all around us. Once upon a time there was a planet in an unknown corner of the vast universe. For a long time, this planet was distinguished by h... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Ashq (Ecstatic Love)

'Ashq means intense love of and fondness for perfection, beauty, or physical charm. Sufis usually call this sort of love, for example, love for the opposite sex, figurative or metaphorical love. Real read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Kemal Serce

One Step, A Thousand Operations

How good are we aware of the operations of systems and mechanisms that make us walk?Costly research and development efforts are under way in centers throughout the world seeking to build walking robot... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Kim Soltani

(Dis) Honor Killings: How Islam Can Help Prevent Them

It has been claimed that many crimes against women are carried out in the name of Islam, and that the religion condones the poor treatment of women. For the purpose of this essay, "honor killings" wil... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Mehmet Ozalp

The Hajj: Its Spiritual Meaning and Aspects of Worship

As one of the most spectacular religious assemblies in the world, the annual Muslim hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca is more than just visiting holy lands and connecting with the historical legacy of Islam.... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Murad Nebiyev

The Quest for a Habitable Planet

A planet outside the solar system was first discovered in 1995. As of 2013, the number of planets outside our solar system has reached more than 850. Within the last two years alone, more planets were... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Niyazi Misri

I Am Calling You, Friend

Oh the beauty in my heartI'm calling you friend, oh friend.Thousand pieces torn apartI'm calling you friend, oh friend.I'm filled with the love of theeMistaken my piety,Lost my mind in ecstasyI'm call... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Kadir Can - Mehmet Ramazanoglu

Little-Known Rare-Earth Elements

Will there be wars over elements like there have been over petroleum and water? What element have we been using in color televisions? What substance is used to make energy saving, environmental light ... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Mehmet Cihanoglu

Smoking and Reproduction

Harming our bodies or health is a betrayal against this incredible gift. One of the major ways people harm the body is through smoking cigarettes.Smoking harms human health in countless ways. It is on... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Ahmet Tarik

Jihad: What Is It and What Is It Not?

Islam is the name of a religion – it is not a political ideology, nor is it an economic doctrine. However, as a religion, it does embrace a variety of universal principles concerning the fields of pol... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
The Fountain

How To Respond To Hostile Attitudes

Question: How should we respond to hostile attitudes towards believers? Whatever the conditions may be, a believer should not go out of the frame of good manners, civility, and decency, for others asc... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
The Fountain

Science Square

Mini "human brain" in a dish Cerebral organoids model human brain development and microcephalyLancaster et al. Nature, September 2013A recent study reported the first living model of the developing hu... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
The Fountain

How Much Are We In Control?

How Much Are We In Control?We are so saddened these days by what is going on in Egypt. People are being killed by their own army, and the world is silently watching. Their silence on Egypt is as deade... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Happiness and Virtue: A Prophetic Example

Happiness is an ideal for which everybody longs. People endure all kinds of sacrifice for its sake. But what exactly is happiness? Is this question not one of the biggest enigmas bewildering mankind?T... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Cezmi Aydin

Are Genes the Source of Behavioral Disorders?

We learn about a new gene everyday that is specifically associated with a certain human behavior or that causes a certain physical situation. One gene is responsible for crime, whereas another gene is... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Mucteba Muezzinoglu / Nate Emru Kiydal

Dispersing Hopelessness from the Depressive Thoughts: Is There Any Way?

Depression is a major medical illness that causes feelings of dispassion and lessens productivity in individuals. It is usually manifested as a feeling of hopelessness and associated with sadness or t... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Melissa McPen

Escherichia Coli: Good or Bad?

“For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,” Shakespeare once wrote in his famous play, ‘Hamlet.’ The philosophical questions “What is good?” and “What is bad?” have been discu... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Omer Arifagaoglu

Who Owns This Body?

Who Owns This Body?“There are numerous perfect mechanisms put to work by our Creator in a fashion that is impossible for us to know; it is equally impossible for us to control each of them.”“This body... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Nuri Balta

Defining the Universe with Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the earliest sciences. As the expression of intangible thoughts, mathematics can also be considered an art form like painting or music. From this perspective, the possible use of... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Berna Berian Baran

Ibn Bajja and A Duel with Duality

Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Yahya al Saigh or Ibn Bajja (Avempace) is a well-known twelfth century Spanish philosopher.1 Ibn Bajja was something of a renaissance man; while a vizier, a poet, a doctor, and a... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Musab Korkmaz

Why Do We Turn Over During Sleep?

Our skin is not only a means for our body to look nice esthetically, but it also acts as a shield against negative external effects. For instance, it helps protect us from mechanical and chemical inju... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Nihal Balci

The Qur'an: An Eternal Journey

We are at the table together for dinner, having a good time. My husband is eating a beef dish and liking it very much. My younger daughter, who hates beef, is enjoying her noodles. My older daughter i... read more..

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