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Music of Rain
May 1, 2015

rops of rain, as if smiles from the worlds beyond,
Travel here and there seeking the seas they parted from.

They fall with the sound of plucked lute-strings:
And hearing it, the earth begins to breathe.

Drops of rain float down with the grace of butterflies,
As if arranging some meaning in most rhythmic verse.

They resonate in the ear like a sweet melody,
And skies seem to weep for the grass on earth.

Everything on earth holds still to listen to the rain;
Each drop descends to the ground like an angel.

Eyes seeing the rain fall in such thrilling harmony
See worlds beyond this world come into view.

The skies rejoice with smiles observed everywhere;
Everyone is enchanted by the heavenly rhapsody.

Vapor rises in masses as great as mountains,
Then it seeks the green, blue and orange on earth.

Rain always brings down a peculiar contentment,
And carries fragrance of paradise and exhilaration.

That fragrance pervades everywhere, deep into the soul,
Earth awakens to life and flowers burst open.

The whole of creation finds peace and serenity,
The window open to the realm beyond becomes visible.