In the gardens of Love you bloomed Adoring to be free from this confined prison No longer will be imprisoned in stiff matter In the light, peace and rejoice you laid down Emerging into the embrace of the Divine Love Merging into the Eternal realm of being Fulfilling your longing to Heaven Letting your free spirit travel with delight in the gardens of heaven For you no limits to bear For you no measure of distress and grief Only the immeasurable grace embraces in the gardens of heaven In the gardens of Love you bloomed Embittering my lusciousness of the transient life No longer will be deceived in the splendor of the fading pleasures In the light, peace and rejoice you will itinerate Attaining the heavenly blessings of the All-Munificent While my appeal, groaning and prayers Reaching to the All-Answering (of prayers) and Meeting (of needs) For easing my teardrops, dearest son For appeasing my longing to you Reuniting with you so as an inhale / in a glimpse in the gardens of heaven Sevim Hancioglu Saturday, March 19, 2011 11:09 PM Our sympathies to the Hancioglu family for their loss... The Fountain
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