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Essay Contest 2021: My Covid Story
  • Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2021. Winners will be announced on May 31, 2021.

  • Contest open to all writers worldwide
  • Ideal word count to be between 1,500 and 2,500

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“Read!” says an inner voice a sacred call a divine invitation. “Read!” cry the woods, the mountains, the backyard garden, the planets and stars, all of nature a universe of connections in support and solidarity, interdependent in harmony not in conflict, a priceless work of art, for us to reflect upon…


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I just want to let you know that your magazine, The Fountain, is quite a popular and much-requested periodical here at our jail. The subject matter you cover in the beautifully laid out pages are diverse and written with critical thought which makes it educational for our inmates to read. Thank you.

- Eileen Grace Dalusong, M.Div. Duty Chaplain, Toronto South Detention Centre


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2020-11-07 04:20:07
My COVID-19 Story: Reflections on Life and Human Existence During the Pandemic Submissions to be posted: November 1, 2020 – March 1, 2021 The Coronavirus touched virtually every corner of the g...

Sacrifice: Means of Becoming Closer to God

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Eid of Sacrifice is not only an act of worship observed individually in the form of sharing meat with those in close proximity; it is an important means of reaching into hearts in different parts o...

2019-2020 Essay Contest Winners

2020-06-03 14:48:58
We read over a thousand of your stories over the past 3 months that detailed the hardships, challenges, and struggles that many of you have endured and are still facing. Your tales of persistence, ...

2019-2020 Essay Contest Shortlist Top 60

2020-05-31 14:48:58
Here comes the top 60 who made it out of thousands of submissions. We congratulate all for their talents and for sharing their stories with us. Winners will be announced from among the top 20 in ne...

“Fasting” Throughout the Year

2020-05-22 18:42:22
The holy month of Ramadan is getting to a close. Muslims who have made it through are thankful that they have been able to do so, hopefully renewed and reformed, not only in terms of losing a coupl...

and Society

Parenting Styles: How They Affect Children

2001-04-01 00:00:00
Parenting is a most challenging yet rewarding experience. Baumrind, who studied parenting styles during the early 1960s, concluded that they differ in four important areas: parents' warmth/nurturan...

The Influence of Islamic Art on M.C. Escher

2010-07-01 00:00:00
Although most of us do not remember or have not ever heard the name M.C. Escher, we are probably familiar with the world-famous illustration shown below: Figure 1: Drawing hands, 1948 Maurits Cor...

Honesty and Deception

2002-10-01 00:00:00
Ethics and accountability have become important themes for modern government, as most countries are experiencing a severe crisis of legitimacy. Increasingly, there is a feeling that performance man...

The Effect of Television in the Early Years

2004-04-01 00:00:00
Among the greatest inventions of the twentieth century are devices of mass communications. Every invention can have either a positive or a negative effect, depending on how it is used. TV is one of...

The Construction of Intelligence in Terms of Cultural Differences between East and West

2008-01-01 00:00:00
As human beings, we live in societies that create their own systems of meanings through the process known as culture. This system of meanings is encoded in language and other symbols and maintained...

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