The Fountain Writers Society (FWS) is an institution aiming to bring writers together, both published and aspiring, to share their experiences and ideas with other like-minded individuals. The Society provides information, support, and exposure to new and experienced writers, both in the Unites States and abroad.


The mission of The Fountain Writers Society (FWS) is to actively help and support the interests of new and emerging writers and the communities they serve.


    • To bring together a group of talented writers who can display their gifts and exchange ideas through open-minded discussions and debates
    • To provide an informal forum for writers to express themselves freely and comfortably 
    • To cultivate an environment where writers of all abilities and ideologies, and of all faiths and backgrounds, can express themselves without being shunned or embarrassed
    • To offer encouragement and support to writers of all levels of experience
    • To become the first point of contact for writers seeking information, advice, and representation
    • To facilitate contact between writers so that they can support and encourage one another
    • To provide writers the opportunity to get their works published in The Fountain magazine
    • To establish a “Fountain  writer’s guide” and a “Fountain style Guide” so that new writers will find it easier to get started


The Fountain Writers Society (FWS) provides numerous activities which include:

    • Reading circles and feedback sessions
    • Creative writing exercises 
    • Mini-workshops and panels 
    • Lectures by guest-speakers


The Fountain Writers Society (FWS) has meetings monthly (two per month if the schedule permits)


Membership is by invitation only.

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