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October 1998

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Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
Ali Unal

Kant, Scheler and Bediuzzaman on Man

In the 18th century Western rationalism and enlightenment movement, one of the leading names, perhaps the foremost, was Immanuel Kant. In the conflict between religion and science which began in the W... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
Melih Yalcineli

Degrees of Superior Intelligence and Special Education

Just as we encounter people with low intelligence or almost no intelligence at all, in a similar way it is possible to find people with above average or very high intelligence. And as schools are esta... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
The Fountain

The Myth Collapses: The Theory of Evolution

An embarrassing fabrication of evolutionists: The reconstruction of Piltdown man from the chin of an orangutan and a man’s skull.   In the West, the theory of evolution continues to be promoted as i... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
Salih Adem

The Universe in the Light of Modern Physics

‘The least understood aspect of the universe is its being understandable,’ said Einstein. These words attempt to pierce the veil of habit that develops in our minds from not looking into the reason f... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
The Fountain


A faded adventure experienced with weary eyes Sound of leaves Beating in the ear with the force of strong, cold winds A music of fall   The roses of poetical spring weep everywhere Colours are p... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Reflections on the Existence and Unity of the Creator

The seven heavens and the earth and all in them glorify Him. There is nothing that does not glorify him. (Qur’an 17.44) According to the meaning of the verse above, the Maker has attached to the read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
M. Sardar

Truth and Relativity

With the publication of the ‘Theory of Relativity’ at the turn of the century, the world-view based on the laws of simple cause and effect physics that began with Galileo and reached its peak in the 1... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Divine Decree and Destiny From Different Viewpoints

Divine Decree and Destiny in relation to Divine Knowledge As was pointed out earlier (in previous issues), God is beyond all comparison and whatever we conceive of Him, He is different from it. We ca... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
Dr. S. Unlu

Earth: A Corner of the Universe Touched by Mercy

The worth of ‘ecosystem services’ has recently been priced at $33 trillion total per year (Nature 1997, vol. 387, p.253). But can money truly buy our lifelines? Or are they priceless entities not to b... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
Y. Alan

Clock and Compass

Addiction to Urgent Tasks People like to be seen to be busy. If we’re busy, we’re important; if we’re not busy, we’re embarrassed to admit it. Responsibility has become a sign of status. It gives us ... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
M. Sadat Mahmud

Thinking Straight and the Ways to Achieve It

Some truths are absolute, universal and without exception, some are general and some relative. For example, God’s existence with His essence, attributes, Names and works are absolute and universal tru... read more..

Issue 24 (October - December 1998)
Buraq Hadid

Rule Means Greater Responsibility

The history of Islam has seen many just, pious rulers, among whom the first four Caliphs, ‘Umar ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz of the Umayyads and Mahdi of the ‘Abbasids, Mahmud of the Gaznawids, and especially th... read more..

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