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October 1999

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Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
Abdulaziz Sachedina

Historical Background To The Present Environmental Crisis

All scriptures in world religions have something to say about the environmental problems caused by such natural disasters as floods, droughts, and earthquakes. God not only creates but also destroys t... read more..

Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

The Divine Name Of Most Holy

The universe is a vast, constantly working factory, and the earth is a hostel and guesthouse continually filled and emptied. Generally factories, hostels, and guesthouses that are so used become very ... read more..

Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
Burak Yalcin

The Next Great Frontier For Wireless Communication

There has been an explosive growth in the use of wireless communication systems in recent years. The demand for such wireless services as mobile cellular telephony, radio paging, and other personal co... read more..

Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
Murat Sonmez

The Brain: A Galaxy Of Neurons

We are fascinated by the universe and its stars. We want to know how the universe was formed, how the stars move, and how limitless the universe is. However, if we take a close look at ourselves, we a... read more..

Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
Berk Sar

Electronic Noses

Although the least understood human sense is that of smell, it is perhaps the most interesting one. Indeed, the human nose is used routinely as an analytical tool to assess the quality of foodstuffs, ... read more..

Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
Ercan Demiroz

Cybermath: Using The Internet As A Math Tool

Over the last decade, the Internet has impacted every aspect of our lives. It is now easy to perform very complicated tasks from your computer desktop by clicking buttons on the appropriate web pages.... read more..

Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
Dr. Selim Uzunoglu

Upon The Unknown And The Unknowable

The process of knowing occurs with the interaction of three components: the person who knows (subject), that which is known (knowledge or information), and the method of acquiring or learning informat... read more..

Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
M. Ali Ozturk

Truly Celebrating Cultural Diversity

One of the most discussed phenomena in contemporary American sociological and educational circles is cultural diversity. In broad terms, this concept can be defined as the presence of multiple values,... read more..

Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
Alvin C. Roseyard

The Problem Of Sampling In Various Sciences

Conducting a survey is basically an act of investigating the behavior, opinions, characteristics, and other elements of a group of entities usually by questioning, analyzing, or observing them. This d... read more..

Issue 28 (October - December 1999)
M. Fethullah Gulen

How can we avoid sins, and how can we show sincere repentance?

It is very important for our spiritual and emotional life to pay special attention to repentance, the greatest shelter against sins, in the following respects: Reaction to Sin One's reaction to a s... read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
Dr Isa Sarac

The Millennium Beginning

At the very beginning of this new millennium, some people claim that we will see a more polarized and fractured world in the coming years. They assert that this will be caused by conflicts between peo... read more..

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