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Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Dr. Isa Sarac

Editorial (Issue 30)

Interactive Process Time continues its relentless movement forward at an ever-faster pace. Despite of all the technological advancements and other labor-saving devices that are aimed at making our li... read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
M. Fethullah Gulen

At the Threshold of a New Millennium

As every dawn, every sunrise, and every upcoming spring signifies a new beginning and hope, so does every new century and every new millennium. In this respect, within the wheels of time over which we... read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
Dr. Zeki Saritoprak

The Eschatological Descent of Jesus: Muslim Views

The Qur'an tells us that the universe will end. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam agree that there will be a Day of Reckoning. The Qur'an describes this day as Yawm al-Qiyamah (Doomsday), al-Sa'ah (The... read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
Cheryl Pearson

Diversity in the Early Childhood Clasroom

"Any people who would like to secure their futures should apply as much energy to the upbringing of children as they devote to other problems. The energy devoted to many other things may go in vain, read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
Suzan Mutlu

The Wonder of the Snowflake

Many things are beyond our limited scope of hearing and sight. However, with the development and advancement of technology, to our amazement, we are learning new things about the world we live in with... read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
Ali Unal

Materialistic-Positivistic Concepts Of Religion

If there is something in the world that has long been subjected to the worst kind of misunderstanding, it is religion in general, and Islam in particular. The primary reason for this misunderstanding... read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
John Young

Interpreting Dreams

INTRODUCTION Before giving information on dream interpretation, it is necessary to expound on the issues of sleep and dreams, because without knowing the essence of dreaming, no appropriate interpret... read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
Nihal B. Karaca

In My Dream I Saw Myself As A

THE MATRIX - Moive Review Science Fiction/Fantasy and Action/Adventure Rated R for sci-fi violence and language Starring: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Joe Pant... read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
Necmi Mutlu

Smart Structures

THE NEXT STEP IN ENGINEERING Smart structures can sense changes in their environment and respond accordingly. These adaptive structures can autonomously modify their shapes to perform the desired tas... read more..

Issue 29 (January - March 2000)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Questions And Answers

Question: God has bestowed upon some people material wealth and comfort, status and prestige, and upon others poverty, misery, and affliction. Does this mean that God prefers those who are wealthy, or... read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
M. Fethullah Gulen


Men and women are creatures with faults as well as exceptional qualities. No other living creature carries such inborn opposites. Only humanity has the qualities that allow its individuals to fly in t... read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Humanity's Progress to Happiness and Decline to Misery

[Humanity has been created on the most excellent pattern and given the most comprehensive abilities. As a result, all of us have been cast into an arena of trial and examination in which we may rise read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Begum Yilmaz

The Future of Molecular Biology and Genetics

The future of biology, a very popular topic among biologists, is closely related to the future of molecular biology and genetics. Recent technological developments have engendered rapid development in... read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Alphonse Dougan

Healing and Faith

The relationship between faith and healing has always been a point of curiousity and controversy. Most of us have heard stories of people recovering from serious diseases due to their faith. Exploring... read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Halil I. Tas

Digital Geography

"Knowing where things are and why is essential to rational decision making."Jack Dangermond Geography matters in almost everything we do, where we live, where we work, and the decisions we make a read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Suleyman Uludag

On Intelligence, Effort, and Success

This article discusses the sources of differences on intelligence and their effects on desirable outcomes in people's lives. The questions of whether intelligence is hereditary and whether an individu... read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
John Young

Dreams: A Spiritual Approach Part II

People have interpreted dreams since the creation of humanity. Prophets and Messengers always accepted and acted upon them, for a Prophet's dreams are frequently revelations from God. Some people dis... read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Sule Atahan

Quantum Consciousness

The human mind is the greatest, most complex and mysterious concept in the universe. And quantum mechanics, the most astonishing, perplexing, and hard-to-understand field of science, found some of its... read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Christine Mathews

The Internet and Educational Tools

The World Wide Web has been growing at a phenomenal rate. It contains a vast array of information ranging from news to government information, from entertainment to the ability to purchase pizza. It a... read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Alvin C. Roseyard

The Cinema is Inundated by Horror

It is the year 1931… The horror film Frankenstein, directed by James Whale, is being released in American theaters to rather large audiences. Edward van Sloan, who plays Dr. Waldman, comes out to tell... read more..

Issue 30 (April - June 2000)
Hikmet Isik

What does guidance mean, and how can one guide someone else?

Q: What does guidance mean, and how can one guide someone else? A: Guidance is a light that God kindles in those people who use their free will in the way of belief. Only God can guide. Many Qur'anic... read more..

Issue 31 (July - September 2000)
Dr. Isa Sarac

Editorial (Issue 31)

The Tool Is Dialogue Establishing peace between people of different religions, backgrounds, and nationalities has always been a primary concern of civilized nations. Such a goal cannot be achieved ov... read more..

Issue 32 (October - December 2000)
Jay Willoughby

Editorial (Issue 32)

Advantage or Disadvantage? In this issue, we address the effect of rapid technological development on our society. One of the most recent and unexpected examples is the phenomenal spread of the Inter... read more..

Issue 31 (July - September 2000)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Necessity Of Interfaith Dialogue

People are talking about peace, contentment, ecology, justice, tolerance, and dialogue. Unfortunately, the prevailing materialist worldview disturbs the balance between humanity and nature and within ... read more..

Issue 31 (July - September 2000)
Ali Kaya

A Falling Rock

Any observant person recognizes that there is a magnificent, astonishing, and unbelievable order in the universe and what happens within it. Moreover, scientists cannot help but notice that things are... read more..

Issue 31 (July - September 2000)
Yasemin Acikel

Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace

What is the meaning of work in my life? Does my work contribute something meaningful to society? Is it reasonable to expect to have a job in which I really love what I am doing? Am I willing to sacrif... read more..

Issue 31 (July - September 2000)
Suat Yildirim

Islam's Tolerance Toward Christians

The Qur’an calls Christians and Jews “the People of the Book,” meaning those who have a Divinely revealed holy hook that they follow. Toward the end of the Makkan era of the Prophet’s life, the Qur’an... read more..

Issue 31 (July - September 2000)
Saken Sherkhanov

Computer And Video Games And Violence

Our world continues to advance rapidly, especially when it concerns technology. As computerization has many aspects, and since everyday routines revolve around computers, we must study its effects on ... read more..

Issue 31 (July - September 2000)
Dr. B. Gunay

Journeying Intelligently

Nearly a century after Henry Ford’s Model T allowed almost everyone to drive, the motor vehicle industry is entering a new stage. Mobile computers (so-called “cars”) today can act as navigators, safeg... read more..

Issue 31 (July - September 2000)
Yusuf Toprak

Trends In Energy Markets In The Near Future

As we enter the new millennium, economic growth and technological progress seem to be promising in most developing countries. However, whether their existing energy systems will support a fast-growing... read more..

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