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Issue 42 (April - June 2003)
Jay Willoughby

Interfaith Dialog and Peacebuilding

David R. Smock (Editor). Interfaith Dialogue and Peacebuilding.(United States Institute of Peace Press: 2002)150 pages, ISBN 1-929223-35-8.  In our increasingly diverse societies, we interact with pe... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Toward Tomorrow

The Islamic world continues to squirm in the vicious grasp of error, unable to turn to its own spirit and essence for succor. Two steps forward lead to several steps backwards being taken and then one... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed


Islam encourages the use of science and the scientific method. Acquiring knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim, male and female. In Islam, science and technology should be used for moral ends and ... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Sara Provins

Islamic Gardens: Growing Cosmological Ideals

If a random group of people were asked about their concept of heaven, it is likely that a wide variety of answers would be received. According to Lisa Miller, a recent poll revealed that 76% of Americ... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Melvin A. Lewis

The Search for Gravitational Waves

Gravitational waves released from cataclysmic events in our galactic neighborhood are 40 orders of magnitude weaker than Coulomb forces and are nearly undetectable on Earth. One order of magnitude is ... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Dr. Huseyin Ozcan

Divine Truth and Lessons in Paul and Virginia

The French author, Bernardin De Saint Pierre expressed the delicacy and beauty of nature, as well as showing the balance and harmony in the universe in his three-volume work "Investigating Nature." He... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Dr. Selim Aydin

Social Capital: An Important Power Resource For National Progress

Each nation or community has the desire and potential to establish a civilization on its own land, one that suits its worldview and displays this to humanity. The realization of this desire depends up... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Dr. Musa Saracoglu

The Amazing Olive

People pay attention to other people or things according to the degree of their importance. Thus, if the Lord of the Universe explicitly mentions something in His revelation to humanity, it surely is ... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Transforming Hardship into Mercy

In His name, be He glorified! Prisoners, especially those who are young, need the Risale-i Nur as much as they need bread. Young people, following their blind emotions and desires, prefer an ounce of... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
The Fountain

Self-inflation or Self-improvement?

A Different Approach to Self-improvement (By M.Fethullah GULEN...) In our contemporary world, our self and our ego have become unbridled, insolent arrogant and inflated, as if the ego knows everythi... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Alphonse Dougan

Painless Love

Love is an innate human trait. To love and to be loved are among the most basic human needs. But while love is probably our greatest source of pleasure, it also has the potential to be our greatest so... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Dr. Besir Altun

Spiritual Absence and Suicide

My heart misses a beat every time an ambulance pulls up in front of our hospital, tearing the silence of the night. When I see a young person lying still on a stretcher entering through the emergency ... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Kadir Demircan

How Much Water Should We Drink?

Ancient thinkers thought that existence came from four basic elements: water, earth, fire and air. Today, although we are aware of different components as well, our existence still centers around thes... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Dr. Kenneth Cracknell

Guidelines for Christian-Muslim Dialog

Since 9/11, no one can doubt the urgency of our need to understand the Islamic world. But even if that tragedy had not occurred, Christians would still be called upon to learn about the faith and prac... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Mona Maisami

Islam and Globalization

The relationship between Islam and globalization has been open to much interpretation and acrimonious debate. At the crux of the current debate is the idea that Islam is somehow opposed to the process... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Jay Willoughby

Living in the Shade of Islam

Ismail BuyukcelebiThe Fountain, 2003, Paper Back, 422 pages, ISBN 1-932099-21-2 At a time when there is a vast interest in acquiring an accurate knowledge of Islam, this book is a welcome addition. W... read more..

Issue 43 (July - September 2003)
Hikmet Isik

Why are there differences between Muslims?

Q: You say that Islam is a religion of unity, but we see differences - sometimes major differences - even among the Companions. Why is this so? A: In classical Islamic terminology, pluralism means to... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Month Overflowing With Mercy

There is no month but Ramadan that can sail by with relentless joy, everlasting pleasure and never fading love. Presenting the spirit, essence, and true meaning of all the gentle seasons that have pas... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Firat Kocol

A Rationale For Tolerance

My dearest friend, This time, with your permission, I won't be talking about the last two weeks that I have spent in this alien city, as I usually do. Instead, I feel obliged to reflect on your anger... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Selma Dagtas

Thanksgiving: Now And Then

Among many holidays observed annually in the United States, Thanksgiving has a special place due to its uniqueness to American culture and its emphasis on family. In the US, Thanksgiving was declared... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Nizamettin Yildiz

The Invisible Script on the Visible : Mathematics

Af you follow scientific magazines, you may have realized one thing: articles on mathematics are seldom published in such magazines. The major reason is that, in a way, mathematics is a world which is... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Erin J. Carlson

Purpose of Creation

hy was I created? What am I to do with my life? Why did God send the prophets? Human beings have always been intrigued by the answers to these questions, as they are critical to unearthing numerous ot... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Osman Cakmak

The Physical Meaning of Death

Many people perceive death as a separation from beloved ones and material belongings and consequently do not want to think about it. Every person has the desire to live forever, and thus wishes immort... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Coval Macdonald

The Plaza of Abraham

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all trace their roots back to Prophet Abraham. Followers of these faiths have recently been increasing their efforts to establish interfaith dialogue and mutual underst... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Emin Kilic

Violent Deaths of Massive Stars and the Story of Black Holes

Everything started with an explosion. About 14 billion years ago, when the universe was only 10 millionths of a second old, it consisted of high energy photons with a temperature of above 1 trillion d... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Talha Ugurluel

The Pride of Humanity in a Scenario

There are movies you watch, movies you live and which make you live, and there are movies condemned to fade away and be forgotten before they even pass out of the phase of being a mere idea or scenari... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi


TWENTY-FOURTH WORD The Second Fruit of the Fifth Branch soul! Worship is not the introduction to additional rewards, but the result of previous bounties. Yes, we have received our wages, and are acc... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Mehmet Seker


The month of Ramadan is a special time full of God's blessings and great wonders. The Holy Qur'an was revealed and therefore Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) prophethood was established in this month. The ga... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
Resit Haylamaz

The Miracles of Jesus

Amiracle is defined as an extraordinary event that would not be possible under normal conditions and one that is realized by God through the prophets He has sent as His Representatives in order to ver... read more..

Issue 44 (October - December 2003)
The Fountain

A Moment for Reflection

Camels on the Roof One night, when sleeping, a man heard sounds on his roof. There were loud footsteps and he wondered what could be happening. He shouted out the window, Who is it? Is there a genie ... read more..

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