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Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Humanity: Our Unique Dimensions

"I am a lowly creature" you say O man Only if you knew..." M. Akif The human is unique. We are self-conscious and can exercise self-control. Ironically, too many neglect this unique ability. H read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Hamza Aydin

The Unsolved Mystery: Symmetric Growth

The physical properties of our bodies are mostly determined during the embryonic stage. The development of this main structure continues until we are 16-18 years of age without losing its symmetry. It... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Zekeriya Ozsoy

Delay of Gratification and Spirituality

We are living in a world in which everything changes very quickly; throughout the world immediacy rules. Industrial companies want to produce more goods in a shorter time and aim to deliver their good... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Beste Nigar

In Wonderland

It was 3 o'clock in the morning. The rain outside beat on the windows and the loud thunder ripped through the night. A loud knock on the door startled the boy. All alone in the mansion, he was not rea... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Nathan Ruler

An Occasionalist Picture of the Universe

When we watch a movie, we think that we see a continuous movement of an object. For instance, a car seems to be moving for a certain time. In other words, there is just one car which is moving. The re... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Sevim Hancioglu

In the Gardens of Love you bloomed

In the gardens of Love you bloomed Adoring to be free from this confined prison No longer will be imprisoned in stiff matter In the light, peace and rejoice you laid down Emerging into the e... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Osman Senkaya

Different Approaches to Interpersonal Conflict

"...set things right (adjust all matters of difference) among yourselves to allow no discord..."1 Approximately three decades ago, the Camp David Accord was signed between Egypt and Israel. Israel' read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Fatih Harpci

Forgiveness: A Prophetic Example

The compelling conditions of our time offer human society two paths to choose from. We will either continue past enmities and stereotypes, or we will learn how to live in peaceful coexistence. It is a... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Meryem Saygili

Earthquake Predictions Based on Best Available Science

Human beings and many other living things inhabit Earth's outer crust. The crust is a brittle shell broken into major tectonic plates. These major plates are so large that they include continents as w... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Rida (Resignation) -2

For ordinary people, resignation means not objecting to what God has willed for them. For those with a deeper spiritual knowledge of God, resignation means welcoming their individual destinies. For th... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Bahadir Can Gumussulu

Hidden Danger in the Waters

Everything-from the size of raindrops to the height of trees, the speed of wind and the food chain produced in the ocean-is controlled within a magnificent balance. However, due to the unlimited deman... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Mirkena Ozer


I was only a girl of nine years when I first witnessed Mom's nightmare. My dad had gone out of town, so I was happily sharing her bed. I woke up to Mom's restlessness. I was scared. Sweat drops on her... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Ahmet Kurucan

The Freedom of Religion, the Concept of War, and Gulen

Scholars have put forward varying ideas on the legitimacy of war in Islam. While there is consensus on the prevention of atrocity and self-defense, there are disputes on issues like preclusion from th... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Ali Sebetci

The Metaphysical versus the Modern Sense of the Idea of Infinite

Although we speak casually of infinity and the infinite in our daily lives, the notion of infinite is perplexing and complex, worthy of much more attention and precision. Even in its modern mathematic... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Gertrud Mueller Nelson

Talking Tolerance

Tolerance is a curious word. It indicates an ability to bear up with a certain amount of variation or difference. Tolerance, we think, is a virtue to be attained. In dialogue, we see it as our abilit... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Barbara Koerth

My Sadness

It is as though my world is a blur I can't seem to make things make sense Nothing makes sense It's like a snow globe Shaken and stirred In comparison to the flakes Everything is disarray My min... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Halil I. Demir

Quantum Worlds from Entanglement to Telepathy

We live in a world in which our perceptions are based on our physical senses and the knowledge we gain through them. Our senses can react only to a limited number of inputs. For example, the human eye... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Kaan Kerem

Beware the Messenger! Misinformation in the Age of Globalization

Chowdury Osman, a taxi driver in New York City, made himself a hero in February 2007 when he returned a black bag carrying 31 diamond rings to a passenger who left it in Mr. Osman's taxi's trunk. He ... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Irfan Yilmaz

It's Me Peter, Your Blood

Peter, normally you only see me when you have a cut on your skin and do not care much about me. I am a living tissue such as your bones, muscles, and nerves. My basic difference from other connective ... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
Hikmet Isik

Two Assurances and Two Fears

Question: It is narrated in a Prophetic saying that God said the following: "I will not give my servant two fears or two assurances at the same time." Many of us live in comfortable and luxurious cond... read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
The Fountain

Immune system at training in the gut

1- Immune system at training in the gut Microbes, in particular bacteria, are associated with many diseases, being the deadliest pathogens along with viruses. But, this doesn't mean that all bacteria read more..

Issue 84 (November - December 2011)
The Fountain

Culture of Coexistence

The Fountain is co-sponsoring an international conference in Abuja, Nigeria, November 18-19. The theme is "Establishing a Culture of Coexistence and Mutual Understanding: Exploring Fethullah Gülen's T... read more..

Issue 83 (September - October 2011)
The Fountain

A Decade To Remember, Decades To Come In Peace

Who would not prefer to remember the turn of the millennium with a hopeful memory, such as the dream below: At the turn of the millennium, a delegation from Iraq comes to the World Trade Center in ... read more..

Issue 83 (September - October 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Believers as They Stand Before God

The believer is one who believes and trusts, one with prospects for a secure future who is trustworthy to others. S/he is a monumental figure marked by a special distinction imbued with contrasting co... read more..

Issue 83 (September - October 2011)
John Bryson Chane

An Opportunity to Heal and Make Whole

How can anyone residing in the United States, or for that matter living in any other part of the world, forget the horror of September 11, 2001, when commercial airliners, piloted by terrorists posin read more..

Issue 83 (September - October 2011)
Gunnar Stalsett

The Spirit of Norway

A model of reconciled diversity is the only way to the future in our globalized world. It is indeed a tremendous challenge to come to terms with the perplexity of religion and politics in our time.... read more..

Issue 83 (September - October 2011)
Robert A. Pape

The End of Fear, the Beginning of Understanding

In the decade since 9/11, the United States has: • conquered and occupied two large Muslim countries (Afghanistan and Iraq) • compelled a huge Muslim army to root out a terrorist sanctuary (Pakist... read more..

Issue 83 (September - October 2011)
Ahmet Kurucan

9/11: Before and After

I remember the day very vividly, perhaps like each and every person who has been affected by it does. I remember the trauma, panic, and tears in the café of my English language school. The same frames... read more..

Issue 83 (September - October 2011)
Katharine Branning


Katharine, “Kadriye,” Branning was one of the passengers on a Turkish Airlines flight to New York on September 9, 2011, a flight which could not reach its destination that inauspicious day. Taken from... read more..

Issue 83 (September - October 2011)
Eren Tatari

Does the Qur'an Sanction War?

In Islamic jurisprudence, no divinely ordained clergy rule on religious matters. There are only scholars, learned people that undertake the extensive study of the Islamic sciences. No official post de... read more..

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