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Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
Harun Gultekin

Abu Bakr: An Epitome of Truthfulness

Arabia ... a desert as huge as almost three thousand square kilometers. A desert, but one from which humanity souls have been revivified repeatedly over the course of history, from Adam to Abraham, an... read more..

Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
Kimberly Parker

For the Sake of Autism...

The courtyard vibrated at the sound of the school bell. Immediately the playground burst into life as children began to stream out of the classrooms and into the warmth of the afternoon. Like kittens ... read more..

Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
Zekeriya Ozsoy

Divergent Thinking and the Religious Texts: The Case of Islam

The concept of divergent thinking was first mentioned by prominent psychologist J. P. Guilford (1950), who defined it as "thinking in multiple ways." Divergent thinking has been regarded as one of the... read more..

Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
Jonathan Camery-hoggatt

Liberating Theology from Alphabetic Writing's Reductionistic Reign

The words on this page are squiggly black ink pressed onto white paper. You could run your fingertips across these letters and feel their slick texture, but the ink you touch as you read is separate f... read more..

Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
Hikmet Isik

Our Sole Duty Is to Communicate the Truth

Question: Given that God may cause us to act as a means for guidance of people to truth, will we be held responsible because of failure to convey the truth? What will be their responsibility in this r... read more..

Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 86)

1- Impressive Design and Strength of Spider Silk's Web Original Article: Cranford, S.W. et al., Nature 482, 72 (2012). Spider silk has been a symbol of durability and strength, but the role the desi read more..

Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
The Fountain

The Great Ocean of Truth

"I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettie read more..

Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
Jalal Ud-din Rumi

Time to Say New Things

How good it is to migrate every day! How beautiful it is to stop somewhere every day! How nice it is to flow without freezing and getting muddy! What word that belongs to yesterday, Is gone, my lo... read more..

Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
Orhan Kaba

The Best of Creation

  In a harsh, corrupt and unforgiving land,came a mercy and salvation.Warring tribes and fierce factions,he united into one nation.And to the women at the bottom of the tribal castes,he brought liber... read more..

Issue 86 (March - April 2012)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Quest to Solve the Mystery of Life

The quest to solve the mystery of life seems to be continuing. Where did we come from? What’s matter and what’s beyond it? Where and how did life originate? What about Adam and Eve of other organisms?... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
The Fountain

Universality of Diversity

One good thing about having a smart phone is that they have this fascinating application that locates where you take pictures on the world map. My map is dotted with locations I have recently visited ... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
M. Fethullah Gulen

What It Means to Be Human

My friend, shut the doors of your feelings, thoughts, and heart against every kind of evil as long as you exist. Always seek the best, the most beautiful, and the most right as prescribed by the Most ... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Hayriye Cetin Karaca

Food Safety and Preventing Food Terrorism

Foodborne illnesses are more common than we realize. There are approximately 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths every year due to naturally occurring foodborne illnesses ... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Hakan Coruh

Poor Memory and Its Causes

Memory is one of the purposes of the brain, and it is described as the ability to protect acquired information consciously and connect it with the past (Mayda, 2010). Having a good memory is a crucial... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Mirkena Ozer


His name was Abdyl. Everybody I knew called him Dyli. The only other Dyli in our small town worked as a porter, who rode his horse-led carriage in dirty clothes and an unshaved face. On the other hand... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Cendel Tuna

Is the World Turning for Nothing?

In old times, ships that set out for long journeys could not reach their exact destination in spite of keeping a steady course. It was because the captains who did their best to reach the correct dest... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Zekeriya Ozsoy

Gifted Education: A Dilemma

The education of gifted individuals has long been ignored, for several reasons. Some have argued that gifted individuals are already faring well even without receiving specialized services. While othe... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Matthew Kelly

Love in Sufi Poetry

The enduring resonance of the poetry of thirteenth-century Islamic poet, Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi, extends across cultures and through the centuries of time. Perhaps, the popularity of Rumi could be ... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Mustafa Tabanli

Everything Has a Sacred Quality

Heidi Hadsell, Ph.D., is President of Hartford Seminary and Professor of Social Ethics. She has a deep commitment to interfaith dialogue and engagement, believing that in today's religiously plural wo... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Irada, Murid, and Murad (Will, the Willing One, and the Willed One)

Irada (will) is the mental power by which a person can direct his or her thoughts and actions and makes a choice between alternatives. Will has been defined by those living a spiritual life as overcom... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Ha-Thanh Nguyen

Captain Bell's Rescue

"Captain Bell, there's something burning in the distance...take a look." "Lieutenant, they're stranded Vietnamese boat people and there are some dead bodies in the water around them." "Captain, we've read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Seth Mette

Beauty in the Sky

It was a shiny, blue sky when I heard the sound that cut through my head, and nailed me in place. I looked at where it was coming from, but I could not see anything. No matter how much I tried to foll... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Golden Ones

Overflowing with eternal inspirations In company of al Khadr, plunging into secrets Brilliant young people with countenances of gold Surrounded by descending sparkling lights Enraptured with the h... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Muhammed Emin

The Suitability of Food to the Digestion System

Nourishment lies at the center of the lives of animate creatures. The continuation of life is bound to sustenance and then the healthy functioning of digestion organs that turn food into a usable stat... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Halim Calis

Faith, Worship, and Social Responsibility: The Ideal Person in the Qur'an

As with other sacred texts, one of the most important subjects regarding the Qur'an concerns its interpretation or tafsir. As a matter of fact, its language and communicative style require interpretat... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Muhammet Mertek

Perfection in the Physique of Birds

With bodies heavy for flying and light for diving into the water, birds push the limits of their physique. Let's take a close look at the artistry displayed in birds, which amaze thinking people with ... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Nuh Aydin

Did al-Ghazali Kill the Science in Islam?

It is a widespread belief among orientalists that one of the major factors, if not the single most important reason, for the decline of science in the Islamic world after its golden age is al-Ghazali'... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Hikmet Isik

The Means of Detecting Potential Errors and Sins

Question: If a person's self recognition of errors or sins is the first step to the path of perfection, how do you advise us to actually detect these mistakes? All the errors, offences and sins commi... read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 87)

1- Early exposure to microbes shows benefit that is life long Original article: Olzsak T. et al, Science (2012, epub ahead of print) It has been known by epidemiologists that people who grew up in f read more..

Issue 87 (May - June 2012)
Hasan Cucuk

Will You Hold My Hand Please?

Anne-Mette Harder is a Danish Nurse. There is one important thing which makes her different from her other colleagues: She keeps company with the old people who are waiting to die. Most of the old peo... read more..

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