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Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
The Fountain

Editorial: The Joyous Past and the Beautiful Future

The past year was a busy one for The Fountain. Having completed two decades in publishing, we tried to value 2013 not only as an anniversary to celebrate, but also as a time to reflect on how we are p... read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Holy Days

On holy days, we reflect on the joyous past and the beautiful future yet to come.When the sun rises over our land,only then will it be our holy day...Alvarli Efe Holy days are days of joy and ple read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Selim Selimoglu

Surface Tension and Life

Do you know how a steel blade can float on the water? Or how can some insects stride on a pond? How do your contact lenses stay in position on your eyes? And how does water reach the higher parts of p... read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Osman Senkaya

Charitable Trusts in Medieval Islam

All over the vast Islamic world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, various services that are fundamentally important to society have been financed and maintained through charitable trusts. Godlin read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Nathan Ruler

Nasraddin Hodja's Pot and Reductio Ad Absurdum

From a children’s tale to Socrates and the Qur’an, the need for logic and sound reasoning is universal. Nasraddin Hodja is a well-known folktale character in the Middle East. He is famous for his read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Seth Mette

Interview with the Two Brain Lobes

If you want to know why some of us are so poetic, while others are strictly straightforward, then read on this unprecedented discussion and see how the Left Brain and the Right Brain discuss their d read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Omer Arifagaoglu

The Human Skin and Its Web of Vessels

We tend to overlook our skin, but it performs many vital functions for our bodies – including coming to our rescue in emergencies. Since it is designed to function within very precise limits, our read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Shawq and Ishtiyaq (Joyful Zeal and Yearning)

Zeal means turning to the Beloved with all inner and outer feelings, and locking out all appetites other than those one feels to meet with Him. In the context of yearning, it means one is overflowing ... read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Mehmet Necip Gumushanevi

The Human's Unique Position in the Universe

Can an apple move the earth? Physics says it can. The power that gave an apple the ability to move the world, also gave us humans the capacity to make use of the natural laws and be a true vicegeren read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Sally Hannigen

A Severe Case of Confusion

It was too early for Melanie to congratulate herself because the aliens would always be after her. They would always be looking over her shoulder, keeping track of what she did, trying to read her m read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Haci Luy

The Blessing of Anesthesia in Medical Practices

Before anasthesia, even routine surgeries were painful and dangerous. Its advent has allowed for amazing advances in public health and patient safety. Humanity has faced various kinds of health p read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Childhood Education in the Anatolian Heritage

In a globalized world, some regions - like Anatolia, which could be considered a bridge from east-to-west, past-to-future, and a melting pot for different cultures and religions - could pull from th read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Sr. Lilian Curaming

Feast of Sacrifice Spreading The Spirit of Love, Care, and Sharing

On the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice, Christians and Muslims come together to celebrate abundance. Thursday, November 1st, 2012. A normally quiet afternoon at Tangaza College is suddenly vibrant. Li read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Hasan Aydinli

Addiction of Status

Though less known than drug addictions, status addiction can cause serious harm to individuals and society. One of the essential mistakes some people who attain a certain status in our time make read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Aalia Sohail Khan

Language, Meaning, and Purpose: Gulen's Perspective

Language is not only a tool for describing facts and performing vocative functions – it also defines and constitutes our humanity. It "gives voice to our thoughts, it is the rhythm of our feelings, an... read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
Adem G. Aydin

Human Cognition, the Final Frontier

Despite advances in technology, computers still can’t come close to the power of the world’s most remarkable computer – the human brain. Computing machines have seen three phases: the tabulating read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Willpower and Being Tested With It

Question: What is the willpower and how are we being tested with it?" Willpower is considered as one of the four basic elements of what we call the mechanism of conscience. As expressed by Bediuzzama... read more..

Issue 97 (January - February 2014)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 97)

A galaxy rapidly forming stars 700 million years after the Big Bang at redshift 7.51 Finkelstein S.L et al., Nature, October 2013 Astronomers have recently spotted a faint ray of light using the Hub... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
The Fountain

Pain, Pepper, and Mercy

Life is ever-changing. Many times, it feels like a sweet candy, but many other times it's as painful as a poisonous drink. Facing sorrow, loss, or another misfortune, life can become a torturous night... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Power in Prayer and Supplication

When the clean black shroud of night enfolds our entire existence, certain darkened souls feel lonely and detached from everything. Yet in the darkest moments, in the remotest corners, and even in the... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Omer Arifagaoglu

Prefrontal Cortex and Its Connection to Human Spirituality

The body-self and spirit of a person generate a dynamic and complex system in which they are in constant communication with one another. The brain is one of the control and management centers of this ... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
John Baig

A School of Dreams with Renewed Teachers

Walk with me please, dear reader. I will take you to a school that will take your breath away. You must be tired of reading all those kinds of deep academic studies with various, yet very valid perspe... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Magdalena Rusanova

The Only Memory

How could this piece of information solve my problems? This little sentence cannot really answer all of life's possible dilemmas, can it? I am walking home on the unusually dark street. I am only read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Mucteba Muezzinoglu

Freedom from Cigarettes

The formation of a smoking habit and addiction depends on various social, spiritual, neuro-genetic, and neuro-chemical factors. Some of these factors are a desire to appear "cool," boredom, stress, re... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Kemal Serce

The Rhythm in the Universe

A splendid order and an amazing harmony seem to govern the operation of this universe. Big or small, everything is in some kind of motion in a regular or periodical pattern which indicates the existen... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Katharine Branning

Living Faith in Sanliurfa

In the remarkable interfaith city of Urfa, the author is surprised by extraordinary generosity which exemplifies the city's "living faith." Sanliurfa, known to the Turks as "Urfa the Glorious," i read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Seth Mette

Why Is God Invisible?

When a father's inquisitive daughter asks him, "Why he is God invisible?" he thinks he's getting off with an easy question. But the answer is far more complex, and wise, than he could have imagined. read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Hamza Aydin

Are You Alone?

Loneliness is a serious public health concern, akin to both obesity and smoking. Why is it not treated as such? Through faith, we can combat this growing crisis. Loneliness is a state when people read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Jadhba and Injidhab (Attraction and the Feeling of Being Attracted toward God)

In the language of Sufism, jadhba (attraction) means that a servant is attracted toward God by God Himself, purified thereby of human imperfection in spiritual elevation, and equipped with Divine qual... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
James C. Harrington

Reflections of a Human Rights Advocate

Civil society has yet to define and accept broader human rights ... The struggle goes on, building on those who went before us, for the benefit of those who come after us. The 50th anniversary of read more..

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