The Fountain Essay Contest 2018 Shortlist

The Fountain

2019-04-18 18:11:47


Here is the list of The Fountain Essay Contest 2018 participants who made into the shortlist. Winners will be announced on May 31.

  • Opportunity Found in My Mother’s Hands
    By Eirene Vorhees

  • A Journey
    By Reema Shafi

  • At Least
    By Gaye Brown

  • Beyond the Gate
    By Jacqueline Lucero

  • All for the Children of Brubus
    By Patrick Finley

  • Gratitude in the Face of Turmoil
    By Amir Salaam

  • The Art of Being Grateful
    By Kalpana Sharma

  • Grateful for A Soldier’s War
    By Celine Dan Tam Nguyen

  • Gratitude: The Attitude that Matters Most
    By Sai Marie Johnson

  • Gratitude: Not A Choice
    By Katharine Dasek

  • Should We Be Grateful
    By Joana Godwin

  • Grateful for Death
    By Jessica Gurgick

  • Healing through Gratitude
    By Lisa Gomley

  • Daddy’s Girl
    By Jennifer A. Sun

  • What Do You Say?
    By Kimberly Moore

  • Role Reversal: When My 5-Year-Old Student Became My Teacher
    By Purvee Chauhan

  • On Being a Grateful Soul
    By R. H. Dorsey

  • Grateful
    By Mikaela Bagdassarian

  • Homeless
    By Judy Ann Eichstedt

  • Taken for Gratitude
    By L. Dudzik

  • Thank You. Sincerely, Me
    By Alicia Reynolds

  • What Are You Grateful for?
    By Debbie Lam

  • How Gratitude Makes Humanity Human
    By Lauren Wallenfelsz

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