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A Nanowindow to the Thirtieth Word
Oct 1, 2006

The Second Aim of the Thirtieth Word in the Risale-i Nur collection accurately describes the true meaning that lies behind the creation and the reason for the creation of particles which constitutes all physical beings and make them function. The Absolute Power, indeed, instantly and continuously creates and controls these particles and, more importantly, is aware of everything, all of which is written in His Manifest Book. 1-2 Here, we will try to look through a nano-window to see how the Sole Owner uses particles to demonstrate His Exaltedness.

Particles that are the size of a nano (a billionth of a meter) are of great interest to science today. The most common saying in the engineering world is “the smaller the better,” and thus nanotechnology (technology of nano sizes) has become very popular in almost no time at all. Everybody is now trying to nanosize their ultrahigh technological instruments to catch up with ongoing nano-fashion. Taking this new technology into account, the use of the word “particles” instead of “atoms” that we encounter while reading about how the Law of Wisdom bestows important duties to inanimate and unconscious particles helps to unravel the mystery of how nanosized particles act under the Highest Command.3

As organisms made up of zillions of cells, we human beings are amazing biological systems. No moment passes without millions of reactions happening in our body. Most of them, indeed, all of them are being carried out by molecules, in particular supramolecular structures (also called enzymes) supplied with hands, arms or some other robotic units of several atoms. These are the actual “particles” on which the world is running.

The verse Not an atom’s weight of whatever there is in the Heavens or in the Earth escapes Him, nor is there anything smaller than that, or greater, but it is recorded in a Manifest Book2 has only clearly been understood since nanoscience has emerged. Some still interpret the meaning of zarrat (the original word used in Qur’an) as meaning atoms instead of particles, but it will not be long before they recognize that the actual work is being done by particles which are made up of molecules that consist of more than one atom, a state that is in agreement with Qur’an.

Zarrat are, first of all, the bricks used to build beings, worlds, and universes. They act in the name of the Glorious Creator, doing the work necessary for the continuity of systems. They work together as a team, in most cases without any trouble, demonstrating that the One Supreme Being is in command.

Secondly, the zarrat act as a multi-purpose cultivation field for all different crops, addressing the infinite treasury of His mercy and giving samples of His endless power.

The renewal of the zarrat each spring like an endless flood flowing through the world from the infinite treasury of His power, while preserving the property of being recyclable is a clear indication of the Absolute Commander.

Obviously, the so-called nanoscale sciences use these zarrat in action. Those particles work, doing whatever they have been told to do as they are obedient slaves of the Greatest King; however, some scientists fool themselves, assuming that each one of these particles is equipped with all-encompassing knowledge and power.

Above all else, the verse, “There is nothing that does not glorify Him with His praise, proclaiming that He is free from having any partners and all praise belongs to Him exclusively,”4 perfectly sums up the situation: the zarrat, the particles, have all been created to praise Him, the Creator, the Only Owner.


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