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Jan 1, 2008
Sky in blue, earth in green, dyes of all shades.

Rainbows in all directions across the horizon,

Touched by all these dazzling colors, humankind.

Angels look on them with praise.

Their faces to the ground, their hearts God’s abode,

A heavenly invitation is their belief.

Humankind is an exalted ore made of dust and mud,

An incomparable mirror deep and brilliant,

Reflecting the infinite, facing the beyond.

Strive, and you can attain your essence!

Be one with your soul, boil with your spirit!

Wail a bit more, shedding tears.

Sprout slowly like a bud,

Follow the light until you are there,

Roots in the soil, eyes fixed on the light.

This mysterious struggle broke out in the heavens

And will go on until Doomsday.

Never stop! Stretch and run, for victory is on the horizon!