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Bustling Willpower
Jan 1, 2012

Fate sometimes blows
As gently as breezes;
At other times it blows as tough
As raging northeasters
Rendering huge mountains to dust,
Rendering feet to heads
Razing heads to the ground.
Sometimes caressing woeful bosoms
At other times dusting grief over merry faces

A mysterious program
Far beyond our reasoning,
The ones open to mysteries
Never fall on their knees.
Do have the faith, then,
Never be felled by confusion!

Close not your eyes to the beauty
Do not be stuck in the ugly!
Behold Him as mountains do the sun!
Watch ever for His Holy Light,
Put the darkness aside!

Keep whirling within the phenomena
As the sage do!
Glimpse the good sides of both
pleasure and grief

Relinquish gloom and worry
If your willpower is bustling
Become the spring of hope for all,
If you can!

Till the seekers of a tranquil corner
Shall run to you;
And those joining your aura
Shall overflow with fervent happiness.