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A Plea to Those Who Dream
Jul 1, 2016

Life is beautiful for those who dream big. It is not because they have something to hold onto; it is because they find layers of meaning through the dreams they pursue.

It is beautiful not just because it is a source of euphoria for them, but because they know they can inspire more people to pursue their dreams, and to spread love around the world.

For those who dream, life is like a magnificent train station. You meet people, you get to taste the finest cuisine, you explore beautiful sights, and you see history unfold in front of your eyes – just like those people who frequent the grand terminals in major cities of the world.

Sure, these dreamers may experience many tribulations and obstacles in the pursuit of their dreams; however, they know that facing the blackest darkness is a part of seeing the value of the light. When one does not see the depths of the abyss, one never knows the real worth of the sun. When a person does not feel the gray overcast looming over one’s head, there is no way to appreciate the wonders of a rainbow.

I love those who dream big, because they are not afraid to face the world. I love those who have the audacity to face the world, because I know that deep inside, I can trust them. I love those who try hard to achieve their dreams, because I love seeing hard work rewarded in the best way possible.

I do not love those who are flippant, those who stab people in the back, or those who spread hate across this blue-domed planet we call Earth. We have had more than enough violence and despair in this world; why do we need any more of it?

Do we want to see more children washed up on a shore far from their homeland? Do we want to see more women crying? Do we want to see more young people drifting away from humanity? All those dreamers say: we will put our lives on the line if it means we can make the world infinitesimally better than it was. Indeed, they do it in their own way, working every single day to lead a life that is worthy of example.

They say that “sometimes, the only payoff for having any faith is that it gets tested again and again every day.” This is true to a great extent. Indeed, sometimes, the hardships the faithful face are Herculean, to the point that it drives one to madness. But in the face of such difficulties, the faithful must ask: are we just fighting for this world? Because one fact is for real: there is another world, whose beauty is unheard of, not even in fiction – the likes of which are beyond anyone’s imagination.

To those who dream big, here is a message to you: Never let go of your dreams. If those dreams are connected to the lofty cause that you love, then pursue them to the last ounce of your breath!