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Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Faik Kocadag

Recognizing the Alien

One of the most important preventative measures the human body can take against diseases is recognizing harmful things that have entered the body – and recognizing them as soon as possible. After reco... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Earl Carlo Guevarra

A Plea to Those Who Dream

Life is beautiful for those who dream big. It is not because they have something to hold onto; it is because they find layers of meaning through the dreams they pursue. It is beautiful not just becau... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Emel Berberoglu

Environment and Values Education

My grandmother did not waste anything; she always repaired our clothes not to waste any of them. My mother follows in her mother’s path; she washes plastic bags and uses them again and again until ... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Alpaslan Sahin

Stem Education and Why It Is Important for Countries’ Global Leadership

STEM, as some of you might know, stands for science, technology, education, and mathematics. STEM education is usually described as, and expected to be, a STEM related subject-teaching approach... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Zawq and ‘Atash (Pleasure and Thirst)

Meaning the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, and enjoyment and amusement, zawq (pleasure) in Sufi terminology is one of the first breezes of Divine manifestation and one of the first gifts that ... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Elizabeth Harmatys Park

The Watermelon Towel - Generosity Contentment Anticipation

Back when winter was its deepest and darkest, she would sometimes see it on the shelf when she put the clean laundry away. It was very bright. It was very lush. The smells of hot sunshine, piney breez... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Hasan Dogan

The Moods of the Heart

In different belief systems and cultures, the heart is associated with deep meanings.  Despite this history, modern medicine has restricted the heart to its physiological structure and brought forward... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Zuleyha B. Ozturk

Beloved Giver

Love exists in forms that diminish with the touch of reality and disintegrate into memories: I would be a liar if I were to accept this as the whole truth, for love is volatile, a liquid shapeshifter... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Fethi Yaman

A History of Science in World Cultures - Interview with Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar is professor of physics at the State University of New York, Oswego. His publications include Science in the Medieval World (1991 and 1996) and Sciences of the Ancient Hindus: Unlocking Nat... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Bayram Kara

Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity of Mankind

Throughout history, human civilization has been mainly agricultural. Today, we supposedly live in the “digital” age. Scientific advancements have never been this rapid – or this dramatic. The ever-acc... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Taufik Mohammad

Nature vs. Nurture - Between Being Born With It or Being Taught To Be It

One of the classic questions psychologists have asked regarding human behavior is whether our behaviors are innate or imparted by one’s environment. Both religious and scientific disciplines have cont... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
Seth Mette

Cafe de Mille et Une Nuit

If you would like to understand the three facets of existence and events, and if you are curious about the condition of the human being who is a conscious witness to the continuous formation, transfor... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
M. Fethullah Gulen

“Reading” the Meaning of Events and Human Actions

Question: How are the troubles one is facing related with his or her actions? Answer: When a believer experiences some fiascos on the path he walks, faces some allegations and slanders that taint his... read more..

Issue 112 (July - August 2016)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 112)

A new meaning to the term “bird brain” Olkowicz S. et al. Birds have primate-like numbers of neurons in the forebrain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. June, 2016... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
The Fountain

Editorial: Old School vs. New School

This issue’s lead article is about a clash between the old way of thinking and the new one. This struggle could be best described as the inner struggle of a lobster which is trying to break through hi... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Hearts Are Seeking Love

We live in a time of strife between the old and the new schools of thought. The old school failed to renew itself. The new school consumed itself with objections and fantasies. Undoubtedly, both schoo... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Betul Aydin

The Bloody Waters in Taiji

Imagine getting cornered by an immense group of another species. They surround you with a wall of loud, sharp noises, imprisoning you and sending a frightening jolt throughout your whole body. Terrifi... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Faisal Warsani

The Alhambra - A Palace Layered with Ornament

“But the building’s identity resided in the ornament.” These words, from architect Louis Sullivan, are an apt description of most Islamic architecture, which are closely connected to the idea of ornam... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Halil I. Demir

Our 3D Printed Future: From Electronics to Living Organs

The emergence of 3D printing promises to revolutionize how things are designed, produced, and distributed. And although these changes present real opportunities, they also pose some unexpected dangers... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Daniel Hummel

Dealing with Incivility in Online Interfaith Dialogues

Over the last few decades, the world has become more interconnected through developing technology like cell phones, laptops, and, especially, the internet.  There are many benefits from this connectiv... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Noah Weaver

Metals Have Character Too!

Whether in the form of cars, planes, or household appliances, we interact with metals almost every day. Despite the ubiquity of metals, most people never stop to think about their characters – or thei... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Zuleyha B. Ozturk

Micro Expressions: The Truth Is in the Face

Have you ever seen someone who, for a split second, looked happy when they weren’t supposed to? What you saw was a masked micro expression. Micro expressions are automatic facial expressions that refl... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Victor Putnam

Nanotechnology in Issus Coleoptratus

Long before human beings started using them in machinery, gear systems that worked through mechanical interaction existed in the morphology of many living creatures. Researchers have recently discover... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Qalaq (Passion)

Literally meaning boredom with the place where one is and with the surrounding conditions, feeling discomfort as if in imprisonment or captivity, qalaq (passion) is intense love, deeper than the desir... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Bernadette - Daniel Skubik

Interfaith Dialogue: Reflections from Korea

Interfaith Dialogue is critical to the future of a peaceful world. It cultivates understanding and peace between groups of people. This is no less true for believers within the Abrahamic traditions th... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Yusuf Ziya Gurtas

Counting Your Blessings

How many integers are there from 1 to 9 inclusive? Well, even if you are one of those who admit “not to be good in math” you can relax and confidently say 9, because this is not a trick question. You ... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Justin Pahl

Experiencing Awe at the Wonder of Existence

A lot of people think religion and science are incompatible. Advances in technology have led famed atheists like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens to claim that there’s no room for faith, or Go... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Samina Farooq

From Finite to Infinity

Think of all the things you wanted but couldn't have All the things you could have but didn't want The bundle of good deeds you amassed You wished to show them off, but didn't flaunt You lie not whil... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Mariya Tytarenko

The Age of My Daughter, Manya; or The “Butterfly” Effect

The century overboard How do I think history will record the 21st century? As we always record the past: in a tangled way, and with mistakes. It will be dictated by a dictator in one country; in anot... read more..

Issue 113 (September - October 2016)
Al Curtis

Over-Salinization: The White Death of the Soil

Properly irrigating agricultural land is a delicate balance. More water does not always mean a more abundant harvest. In arid climates, supplying more water than needed causes more trouble instead of ... read more..

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