2020-2021 Essay Contest Top 20

The Fountain

Jun 1, 2021

Let’s fan the fire a bit more!

Here is the top 20! Congratulations to all. Top 5 will be announced very soon. We know we all have waited for too long in our homes in 2020 – but please bear with us a bit more.

  • Adrianne Vicciarelli – Change
  • Aimee Christian – COVID Gave Me A Chance to Show My Parents I Loved Them
  • Anubhav Mahapatra – Life Is Hope, Hope Is Life
  • Ariadne Blayde – City of Death, City of Life
  • Calvin Henninger – Some Thoughts on Misery and Joy
  • Diane Parkes – The 91-Year-Old Man Who Is My Father
  • Edie Jones – Loneliness: Defeated and Conquered!
  • Elizabeth Pappa – The Blue House
  • Fernando Andres – Tales from the Line
  • Hamza Ali – The Second Ticket to Life
  • Hannah Borababy – The Belly of the Beast
  • Jannie Edwards – Meditation on Tenderness in a Time of Plague
  • Julia Marino – Cancer in the Time of COVID
  • Lauren Barrett – A Walk to Repair
  • Leslie Freiberger – The Present
  • Mariya Tytarenko – Homo Covidicus
  • Melissa Hurley – Music, Masks, and Mayhem
  • Rainie Zenith – Ernie
  • Rita Marques dos Santos – A Room Full of Stars
  • Sunara Fernando – Survival Mechanisms

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