2023 Essay Contest Shortlist

The Fountain

Aug 22, 2023

Countdown to the winners is around the corner! Here is the shortlist. Winners will be announced very soon. Please follow our announcements!

  • “Distraction Timed,” by Allison Hope
  • “Unplugging the Mind: Reclaiming Focus in the Age of Distractions,” by Mohammad Abul Mufazzal
  • “Focus for Life,” Stephanie Neverdowski
  • “How Can We Maintain Focus in a Society Built for Distraction?” by Elizabeth J. Peterson
  • “What Is Distraction?” By Colm O’Shea
  • “Focused We Toil, Distracted We Dream,” by William Godwin
  • “Flux and Fury,” by Temitope Ajao
  • “Eco-friendly “sorting out your distractions” system,” by Mette Dencker
  • “Interacting with Self to Extract Distractions From the Contract,” by Bilal Sarimeseli
  • “Navigating the Seas of Distraction,” by Nesibe Can
  • “Scale of Vital Considerations,” by Hannah Onoguwe
  • “Setting Priorities,” by Philip Umbrino
  • “Redefining Distraction: Taking Ownership of Your Autonomy,” by Chelsea Emerick
  • “A Silent Ticking Time Bomb,” by Keneth Erfelua
  • “25 Pomodoro Minutes in a Digital World,” by Katharin Garland
  • “A Focused Mind,” by Donavon Lewis
  • “A Trip to the Zoo,” by Zulma Suro
  • “How to Avoid Losing Creative Momentum to Utter Distraction,” by Cynthia Gallaher

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