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9/11: Remember and Honor
Sep 11, 2013
9/11: Remember and Honor

Today, we remember 9/11 once again, our hearts broken. The Fountain 83rd issue was published in September 2011 to commemorate the tragedy in its tenth anniversary. With that issue, we wanted to honor the lost ones and hoped to elevate human dignity over our weaknesses and inclination toward violence. The innocence and purity of the essential human nature are still being violated today with all kinds of atrocities around the world – snipers and chemical weapons are shamelessly targeting civilians while smart phones are recording and delivering to the web.

Here are a few of selected articles from that special issue to remind ourselves our innate capacity for innocence. Let us read and remember the deceased and the heroes of 9/11th, and keep our hopes high for solutions offered in these articles. Let us not forget to pray for the innocent lives being lost right in this moment.

[*] A Decade To Remember, Decades To Come In Peace
[*] An Opportunity to Heal and Make Whole
[*] The End of Fear, the Beginning of Understanding
[*] 9/11: Before and After
[*] Masallah
[*] The Art of Living Together