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And the Winners Are…

The Fountain

2018-05-05 17:43:27

2017’s essay contest has been a tough competition. It was not easy to pick the winners from among more than 1,600 participants. Stories were heartbreaking, with much pain and sorrow. But authors also generously shared how they confronted the situation and were able to move on with their lives. Many stories were filled with some good advice on what to do when we are inevitably hit by a misfortune or have to endure a difficult ordeal.

Finally, after some delay, we are able to announce the winners. Congratulations to all!


Curtains in the Breeze
by Nyri Bakkalian


80 Miles
by Beth J. Polazzo


It’s Not about Where You Break
By Kassandra M. Lighthouse


Sweaty Armpits and Infinite To-Do Lists
By Jordann Cress

Love and Suicide
by Jan McDaniel

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