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Three Books, One Journey

The Fountain

Jun 19, 2015
Three Books, One Journey

Imagine a magical book: you open it, and it opens itself to a second, and then third, book. This is what The Fountain magazine invites its readers to do. When the reader opens this magazine, on its pages, two more books are revealed. The reader reads the magazine, but the articles also read the reader; suddenly, the universes of micro and macro converge between the lines. The meaning, the human, and the universe unfold and each reads the other on every page of the journey.

While reading, the reader realizes that herself is indeed a book to be further examined, each and every day. Her body is a micro cosmos; yet to understand herself, she needs to develop an understanding of the macro cosmos. Thus, while reading articles about blood sanitation, cats, poetry, and sociology, the reader travels the universe, both abroad and inside, and ends the trip eager to begin the next journey (or as we like to call it - the next issue!)

Literacy is one of the most frequently discussed topics in The Fountain. In issue 105, Fatma Canan, a doctoral candidate from the UK, discusses the development of speech skills in early childhood, and potential solutions to problems that may arise. Speech therapy helps children learn to both express themselves and understand others.

This is not the only article that discusses literacy. The other articles in the issue also raise consciousness and educate readers on various topics using a language that is free from jargon. In sum, the issue leaves the reader with important knowledge on how to understand and read our bodies, nature, and society.

For instance, after reading the article on the sanitation of blood, the reader will be amazed to have blood in her veins. When we are not even aware what is going on in our bodies, each of the organs works to their best capacity: the spleen and tonsils circulate clean blood, millions of nephrons filter it, and the fresh blood feeds all our organs. The body is a whole universe inside. We are the hosts in this palace. Thus, we are supposed to take care of what we have been given.

Here let's take a break. Let's see what is on the skirts of the mountain, where the palace of humanity is at the top. Let's enjoy the rain of the letters as they fall upon us and continue reading.