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2013-08-06 15:21:00

Welcome to the first ever blog written for The Fountain. In celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, we are launching this blog to enhance our interaction with our readers.

The Fountain has been offering serious content on some big life questions for over two decades. The digital world has enabled all of us to learn from each other with a speed and frequency most of us never thought possible. And yet this proliferation of information has made finding meaningful content and discourse difficult. We hope that, with our quality bloggers writing about important questions, you will find your time with us deep and enriching.

The Fountain has always been very careful not to waste energy on the day-to-day, mundane agenda of the world. Instead, our focus is on the overarching issues of human life, philosophy, religion, interfaith dialogue, science, and citizenship. On the blog, we would like to continue covering these issues, but perhaps with a softer touch, and with a bit more of an eye towards current affairs. Being online allows us to respond quickly and immediately to important events as they unfold. This is an advantage that the print edition simply does not have.

And there is so much to talk about! There are so many ideas we want to share! Keeping up with the pace of the world is impossible, but if there is one way to try it, it is through the immediacy of the web. We hope that you’ll join us on this new journey, and we welcome your comments and suggestions. Without you, after all, there is no dialogue.

Happy reading!

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